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How to make international transfers

Select your type of transfer and quantity

Select the currency and the amount you want to transfer

We call you to specify conditions and doubts

An expert explains the process, exchange rate and conditions

Account to account transfer in euros

You transfer euros to the partner´s segregated Euro account

Account-to-account transfer in fx

The partner transfers agreed currency to recipient's account

Why choose us

Transferator recommends the best transfer provider according to your profile: individual, freelance or company .

We work with partners accredited by the English FCA (the highest financial authority in the United Kingdom) who have introduced transparency in English banking.

When you choose one of our partners, your money goes to a segregated account in euros (the partner cannot have these funds), as required by law. From there, transfer your euros to your account in currency (dollar, pound, etc.), also segregated. And from there, send the currency to the recipient of your payment under the agreed conditions.


Customer reviews (4,5/5)

I was contacted by a guy from Currencies Direct who patiently explained the whole process to me and in the end I was able to pay for my son's school saving a good commission from my bank

Alberto Pérez (Madrid)

My company makes regular payments in dollars to China. I have found a transparent company with excellent service

Marisa Vázquez (Málaga)

I needed to find a way to send a large money transfer in USD to Costa Rica

Aitor (Bilbao)